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Making Sure that no sound system or acoustical condition stands in the way of preaching the Gospel

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    Successfully turning the most complicated, hostile and hardest acoustical sanctuaries into the best sounding worship spaces in the world one church at a time.

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Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a church and not understanding or struggling to hear what is being said.  With all the science and knowledge there is, there is no excuse for any church, new or old to not have good sound.  Sadly, over 90 percent of all worship space fail a simple speech test whether using a sound system or not.  Sure, there are some churches that have one aspect of church sound that passes but very few churches can do speech, music and congregational singing well.

Church Acoustics is one of the most difficult professions to work in. There are only a few people in the world that know how to interoperate acoustical measurements properly and design and acoustical system that will give you the right results that will last for the lifetime of the worship space.  Fixing the acoustics of an existing church or planning the acoustics of a new church shouldn’t be an experiment to see if you will get good results.

When you have poor acoustics, the sound system always fights back and lets you know where the problems are.  Many sound experts who recognize these room problems remain silent and instead will over design a sound system for higher financial rewards.  Until the room is tamed, no amount of sound equipment or expert knowledge can overcome the invisible physical barriers of the room.  In an age when headsets, ear buds, HDTV, computers and home entertainment systems are of such high quality, first time visitor and members of most churches want the same quality sound at church.  When the acoustics of a church are good, it allows the modern sound system to perform as good as any contemporary form of media there is and satisfy the most discriminate of listeners while delivering the best level of speech possible.


The Company

JdB Sound Acoustics has been specializing in Church Acoustics and Church Sound System since 1982.  Early in his career Joseph De Buglio was a communication technician on contract to companies such as Bell Telephone, Rogers Cable TV and McLean Hunter.  Before starting a church sound ministry, he was hired to build churches.  Although church construction was not agreeable to his health, he learned enough to know why many churches have bad sound and what it would takes to convert a bad room into a great room.

From 1982 to 1989, it has been a sales company selling church sound systems and acoustics for other turnkey sound system companies in Southern Ontario.

From 1988 to 1995 the company became a full turnkey installation service.

In 1995 there was an injury that changed the way the company could serve the church community and became a full-time consulting firm.  50% of the churches that ask for JdB Sound Acoustics assistance learned of their work from other churches. 20% of churches come from referral and 30% of churches come from internet.

Joseph spends a considerable amount of time researching and testing different ways to improve the acoustics of a church and optimizing the design of church sound systems.  He has always placed the quality of sound that church audience and the un-churched first hears as the highest goal of any successful acoustical or sound system repair.  He stays with the job until the church is completely satisfied with the results.

Joseph also teaches church acoustics to sound companies and acoustical consultant and does public speaking.

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