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    The Bible is the de facto standard for all church worship needs including sound and acoustics.

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About & Statement of Faith


Thank you for visiting this site.  Here you will find some of the best knowledge in church acoustics and sound systems anywhere.

Chances are you here because you have a sound problem or are looking to upgrade a sound system and you need help or information.  While searching the internet and other resources, it becomes very hard to determine honest and truthful answers and solutions.  Everyone is trying to sell you something and we are no different.  However, at this site, we try to post the best information possible freely, because for us, church sound is a ministry first and business second.

Let’s be honest here, if you visit the closest 10 to 20 churches in your neighbourhood, most of them will come up short in meeting all of the sound needs for worship.  From my own research, over 90% of churches have acoustics and sound system performance that is sub-par.  There is no possible way for one person to fix all of them, but through education, we can change that. 

It is our goal to educate churches about church sound beginning with understanding the performance of the room you worship in.  The foundation of excellent sound in a sanctuary is a space where the acoustics are managed properly.  Once the acoustics are properly controlled in a church, then the full performance of a sound system can be unleashed. 

The presented knowledge comes from real world results where the techniques we recommend have transformed hundreds of churches, getting consistent, repeatable high quality worship spaces.  Most of the information presented here is intended for churches on limited budgets and are able to do most of the work themselves.  If you look at the photos and churches shown here, , they all seem modest, simple and familiar to most people who attend local houses of worship.  In all of the examples shown, they perform better than anything seen on TV or YouTube and best of all, these churches are strong and healthy within their communities.  Some have even grown into larger facilities.  Furthermore, these churches found that these acoustical fixes and sound system upgrades were affordable.

Here is a reality check.  Mega Churches and churches that have large investments in lighting, large sound systems and multimedia often have worship spaces that are sub-par in performance when it comes to their acoustics and sound.  The video’s these churches make available, look and sound very professional until you visit them and hear distorted sound in an atmosphere that resembles a secular concert rather than a place of Holy Worship.  I don’t know why more and more churches look like high end entertainment facilities and have sound systems that assaults our ears at every level, and somewhere in the midst of all that, they find a sliver of a few words about Jesus and the Gospel, and people are flocking to such places.  Somehow, entertaining has become center stage and preaching and teaching the Gospel is watered down to the point where, as some church leaders such as R.C. Sproul, Phil Johnson, and John MacArthur have said, “there is a growing number of churches full of unsaved people.”  It is our hope that what we teach creates the kind of worship space where the Word of God can be proclaimed without distortion, confusion and leads people to the saving grace of salvation.  No worship space acoustics and sound system should ever get in the way of proclaiming the Gospel.  Doing that is robbing people of eternal life.  Through the knowledge presented here, it is our hope to help as many churches as possible to have the best tools imaginable to proclaim the Gospel.


Statement of Faith

Why does a sound company have a statement of faith?

The sea of air between a person in a pew and a minister preaching the Gospel has many hidden obstacles that can undermine the efforts of a community from being a light in this world.  As Christians, this is our way of saying how seriously committed we are in making every house of worship a safe place where the Gospel can be presented as perfectly as possible.

The Bible is God’s word: The Bible is inspired by the God through the Holy Spirit without error in the original 66 books. The Bible is our authority.

The Trinity: There is one God, eternally existent in three distinct Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ: I affirm the deity of Jesus Christ from before creation, through Him all things were created, (John 1:1-3). Jesus descended from Heaven became a man, lived a perfect life to become the perfect sin sacrifice to atone for all of our sins. When Jesus died on the cross, he died for all of us. when Jesus rose from the dead, He rose for all of us. He became the way, the truth and the path to everlasting life.

Salvation by grace alone: Salvation of all people is by grace alone through faith.  When a person recognizes their sins and sinful nature, when a person understands the purpose of the sacrifice Jesus made for all people,  repents, and chooses to be a follower of Jesus Christ, they become Born Again.  We become new creatures in Him.  By accepting Jesus as Lord, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us to guide you in a new life in a relationship with God.  By faith, we become another light in the world by example, as our love of God grows in our hearts, minds, and souls. 

Resurrection and judgment: All people are judged when they die. Those who are followers of Christ, their spirits go to heaven as Jesus told the thief on the cross. For those who do not know Jesus, there is a second judgement. Upon that judgement, their is both a resurrection and judgement where both the spirit and body will be sent to heaven or hell for eternity. Rev 20:11-15


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