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Half Round Diffusers vs. Phase Gradient Diffusers

Posted by jdbsound on May 20, 2021

Many people ask how the panels will look before looking at how they perform when it comes to acoustic solutions.  Here is a short video compare two acoustic treatments that can get similar results and the cost differences without looking at the aesthetics issue. Our experience shows that most church members change their opinions on aesthetics when the acoustical fix does a great job at fixing the room. Congregation members of most churches do agree with one idea. It seems that if the acoustic system fails at improving congregational singing, the panels on the wall have to look good as wall furniture. If the acoustic treatment improves congregational singing, how the panels look doesn’t matter. The aesthetic issues disappear. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below, and we will respond to them right away.

2 Responses to “Half Round Diffusers vs. Phase Gradient Diffusers”

  1. jdbsound said

    There are several options that will work. The first is adding the diffusers to all of the walls. On the three walls, you can use fewer diffusers. You will need diffusers added to the front wall. The other option is if the pillars are hollow and not made of metal, they can become bass traps. If you take that approach, you can lower the number of wall diffusers further, but you will still need to treat the front wall. For the rest of the details of the room, follow the link to page 11 of the pdf file link. https://churchacousticsandsoundsystems.com/2021/09/24/church-acoustics-is-really-simple/. Hope that this helps.


  2. Shammah Marcus said

    What if the church structure has cylindrical pillars supporting the sidewalls and the back walls (2000sq ft Hall)? can we still use Half round diffusors? Would Like to know your thoughts on this.


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