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This has nothing to do about sound but Churches in Europe are growing!

Posted by jdbsound on September 10, 2015

This is both good news and a rant about democracy.

It has been brought to my attention that there is a silver lining from the fallout of the refugee crisis in Europe.  Churches in Europe are experiencing growth from the Muslim community.  Many Muslims are converting to Christianity at a much faster rate than people becoming radicalized to fight for ISIS or converting to Islam.  Does that mean ISIS and other radical groups are driving their own fellow Muslims to Christianity? Who knew!  Is it possible that this war can be won in part with the love and compassion of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?  In the Old Testament when God’s people took to battle, God’s people always won when they were obedient to God.  I wonder what would happen if ISIS drove the Christian converts to fight back for their homes.

For the most part, Christians and Muslims co-exist very well and they have been doing so for centuries.  If enough Christian converts and real Muslims were to organize themselves would other nations such as the USA, European Union, the UN and other rich Arab countries back them up with weapons to take back their lands, change the leadership in Syria and Libya and create a government that is fair and respects it’s people and from the ashes see these great countries rise up and be part of the world community.

Who am I kidding?  None of the world leaders have the guts to lead such an endeavor.  Once upon a time, democracy meant fighting for your rights and freedoms and the freedom of others who asked for your help.  Today it seems that democracy has been chopped off at the knees with ratings, job security and being politically correct while individual human rights take a back seat.  While it is tragic to see a child’s body washed up on shore for the world to see, it should be the gutless world leaders who are standing by and shamelessly watching day after day after day the radicalized cult leaders who are destroying nations be given all the blame of letting such catastrophic events take place.

Democracy has been watered down by fringe groups and the court system that has weaseled it’s way into making laws that the people, as a nation never voted for. Since when does the court system have more power than the government?  As long as the government allows itself to be hogtied by the courts, fringe groups, the self interest groups, the lobbyists, the rich, and the powerful individuals who know how to use their wealth to manipulate our leaders, the democracy as we know it will continue to be spineless to stand up to bullies who are taking advantage of the crippled super power nations who could subdue them in a matter of days.  Are there any leaders out there who care more about the people than their jobs?  Will it be the Christians and true Muslims who will take back their lands?  And if they were to do it on their own, would they become bitter and just as cruel as ISIS are, or will we back them up and see a miracle happen?

by Joseph De Buglio

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